Syncing Tracks

Tracks can be synced with external data systems to source relevant data increasing visibility in to what you care about the most.

Syncing a List keeps Tonkean up-to-date when items are created and changed. 

To sync a view:

  1. Click on Actions > Sync with external list and choose the system.
  2. Choose the view and the specific data points to sync; i.e. opportunities in your CRM that are in the view “Closing Next Month.”
  3. All opportunities in this view, as well as new ones, will automatically be created as a new Track in your Tonkean list.
  4. The Owner of each track will default to the owner in your CRM. You can always adjust Owners by clicking on the avatar icon. 
  5. Choose the additional data columns from your CRM you would like in your Tonkean list; i.e. probability, close date, etc. 

Tonkean will track any anomalies in these columns and proactively reach out to obtain insights. 

That’s it! Your list is now automatically populated with Tracks and will be synced with your external system.