Tonkean A.I. Bot

The Tonkean A.I. Bot automatically and proactively pings your team members for their input and status on Track items that you assign to them as Owners. It can be used via Slack, Stride, and Microsoft Teams, preferably, or email.

The more information you provide about Tracks the better the Tonkean A.I. Bot can learn when to reach out. If your List is synced to an external data source or you have added Data Columns, the Tonkean A.I. Bot uses these parameters to determine when to seek updates as well.

What is an Owner?
An Owner is the person assigned to a Track who has responsibility for providing updates on it. It is the person who has the insight to provide an update; i.e. Account Executive for a customer account or Stakeholder of an action item.
When an Owner is assigned to a Track, the Tonkean A.I. Bot reaches out to confirm her/his ownership and let her/him know they will be engaged periodically for updates. When the Tonkean A.I. Bot pings an Owner for an update, responses are made directly in either Slack, Stride, Microsoft Teams or email, and it posts to the Track. Updates to data from external sources will automatically sync back to those platforms as well. Owners do not need to login to Tonkean to respond.

Assigning Owners to Tracks:

  • Click the avatar icon in the Owner column and choose the team member that is responsible for that Track by entering their name in the Owner field.
  • Click Save once the Owner is assigned. Their name and picture will now appear in the Track as the Owner.

Setting due dates:
Due dates allow Tonkean to prioritize urgent items and limits interaction with your team when a Track isn’t as urgent. 

  • Clink on the calendar icon on a Track and select its due date.

That's it. 

Pretty simple, eh?