Integrating Your Business Tools

Tonkean integrates with thousands of third-party business tools; CRMs, task management, analytics, communications, data, customer success and support and more. From those external business applications data can be pushed in and out of Tonkean.

Accessing data from multiple business applications and placing in to a single dashboard increases visibility in to the things you most care about.

Integrated external systems can be used in four different ways:

  1. Automatically create Tracks.
    i.e. accounts from your CRM or projects from your task management system. Learn more about  Syncing Tracks.
  2. Add Data Columns from multiple tools for each of your Tracks.
    If each Track is a customer, for example, you can add a column of “amount” from your CRM and another column of “active users” from your analytics tool. Tonkean will know to match those automatically and show you all the information you need for each track. Learn more about Data Columns.
  3. Add Key Metrics.
    Tonkean can create an aggregated overview of metrics you care about side-by-side; i.e. "# of new customers this week”, next to “# number of high priority support cases.” Learn more about Key Metrics.
  4. View related items and activities in Track View.
    After integrating tools, Tonkean automatically matches relevant items (like tasks, opportunities, etc.) and activities (email sent, commit was made, etc.) with those Tracks.

To view those, simply click Open while hovering one of your Tracks. 

In the focused view (aka Track View) you can see the related items at the bottom.

* Visit Native Integrations and Webhook Integrations to learn more.