Worker Bot - Get updated on external actions


In this guide we will see how to get updates when data in external integrations is changed. 

The way we do this in Tonkean is through our Bot Worker capabilities. We would first need to have a trigger, to know when to act. Then we would need an action, to know how to act.


In this example, we have a sync with Teamwork integration for Teamwork projects, and we would like to update the status of a Track when a project is completed in Teamwork.

1. Have a trigger and a Update Field action (under Tonkean Action)

2. Set the trigger to run when the subStatus field from teamwork is set to completed.

3. And in the Update Field action set the Tonkean status to Done.


This will hide the Track from the default view (you can still gain access to the track by changing the view to All Statuses)