What Are Tracks?

Tracks are the core of Tonkean. They are the things that you most care about. They are the critical items you want to monitor and ensure are actioned on.  
To Create a Track:
  1. Enter Tracks manually by typing in what you want to track (i.e. customer names) in the bullet list OR by connecting to one of your external data sources. This automatically pulls in Tracks and will always be up-to-date.
  2. Inner Tracks are typically action items or other items related to the high-level track and can be added by hitting “Tab” when any Track is selected, OR by clicking the "three dots" menu at the left of the Track and selecting "Add Inner Track."

Opening a Track:

  1. Clicking a Track opens a “focused” view of the Track.
  2. All the details and Inner Tracks about the high-level Track from inside Tonkean as well as from your external data sources can be seen here.

If you connect Tonkean to your external data sources, Tonkean will automatically match relevant details from the systems you connected; i.e. relevant tasks from Jira or cases from Salesforce or Zendesk - without you needing to do anything.

If you want more information about any of the matched items, you can create it as an Inner Track. Adding an item as an Inner Track will pull in information about this Track from the external system; i.e. Owner name.

If there is an Owner, the Tonkean A.I. Bot will then reach out to her/him to gather the latest status.