Data Actions

Data Actions are action blocks you can add to your workflow that the Bot will execute. Specifically actions on external data sources, including creating, updating or any other.

In this example we will see how to add a Data action to Zendesk, but this can be applied to any other data source you've connected.

Adding a Data action

After adding an empty block in the editor, clicking on it would open a side pane on the right, here you can configure the action. The first thing you have to configure is what type of block this is.

In this example we want to use Zendesk so we will use the search bar to easily find it:

Connect to your data source

Once you selected the integration you want to work with, you will be asked to connect it into Tonkean (this only has to be done once, so if you've already connect this integration you won't have to do that again).

You can browse what actions are available before you connect the integration, after selecting the action you want you will be prompted with the following:

Choose an Action

After connecting the integration you can select which specific action you'd like to perform

Use information from your fields

Here's an example of how to use data from other integrations to create a Ticket in Zendesk.

For example, I have a field called "name" that comes from Intercom. When I use it in the ticket subject, Tonkean will take the associated Intercom User that initiative this conversation, and use the "name" field to populate the ticket subject. You can see the preview below it to see how the end result (the subject) would look like. (To learn more about fields, click here)

If you want to use your fields in your actions, just click on the blue [+] button to open the field selector (as shown below):

If you don't see the data source or the action you need, you can always use the Custom HTTP action - learn more here.