Coordination Bot (Always Monitor)

Coordination Bot (Always Monitor) - Allows you to constantly monitor data from a list, a file or external systems (for ex: Monitor your support tickets from Zendesk) and create specific "Triggers" to start inner flows. Including using our Smart-Triggers capability (by enabling the "Auto Check-ins") and Tonkean Live Reports. 

Coordination Bots

Coordination bots allow you to automate workflows that include multiple interactions with people and data. With this type of Bot, you can monitor a set of items and execute multiple inner flows up-on the matching  triggers.
Let's use a "Support Escalation" bot as an example.
In this case, I want to automate the process of handling and delegating support tickets, to make sure that:
a) They are being handled ASAP, and by the right person.
b) If an escalation is needed, it gets prioritized, so nothing falls through the cracks.
To do so, I can create a new Coordination bot, that monitors my Intercom conversations.
Then, I can ask the Bot to execute a certain flow, when certain conditions are met:
  1. When a new conversation is created, post a question to the "Tier-1" channel, to ask who can take care of it. In addition, I can add a "wait" block of 5 minutes, and if no one took charge of it, I can auto assign an agent that is free.
  2. When a conversation is assigned to someone, I can send a message to that person and supply quick shortcuts with a few buttons: 
    1. Close it - Clicking this will trigger another inner flow, where I can just close the conversation in Intercom.
    2. Delegate - Clicking this, the bot will ask a followup question of who should be the owner, and update the owner in Intercom.
    3. Escalate - Clicking this will create a Zendesk ticket for tier 2 and notify their channel.
  3. When a conversation is being opened for more than a day, I want it to be automatically escalated and the manager to be pinged.

If you need help setting your coordination bot, feel free to contact our experts and ask a question.