Introduction To Bot Workers

Bot Workers are AI-powered bots, that can monitor, coordinate and execute business workflows you define.
From a simple process shortcut, to automating an end-to-end workflow, a Tonkean Bot Worker can monitor data, interact with people and perform actions in your different tools and data sources. 
There are 2 types of Bot Workers:
  1. Coordination Bot (Always Monitor) - Allows you to constantly monitor data from a list, a file or external systems (for ex: Monitor your support tickets from Zendesk) and create specific "Triggers" to start inner flows. Including using our Smart-Triggers capability (by enabling the "Auto Check-ins") and Tonkean Live Reports. 
  2. Simple Bots are typically for a simple 1 trigger actions. They are not always monitoring, and are only activated once a trigger is being fired. Either when an item in your data source is created/updated ("On Trigger") or at a specific time you have scheduled ("On Schedule")