Track Links: Manage Dependencies

Track Links allow the creation of an alias to a Track or Inner Track that can be inserted in to any other List or Track in your Board. Updates to linked tracks update original Tracks in the source List. Linked tracks offer several benefits. They enable List Owners to share the most specific, relevant Tracks with Owners of other Lists without having to manually create duplicate Tracks. They also facilitate improved efficiency, accuracy and organization by allowing Owners to separate project segments in to discrete Lists which can managed by specific teams.

“ACME Corp.” is a technology company that uses Tonkean to manage all aspects of product launches; Product Management, Sales and Marketing all track their launch-related activities with their own Lists. The three teams rely on each other, however, to successfully execute on their functions. Marketing needs details from Product to plan launches and prepare sales materials. Sales needs Marketing and Product details to know pricing, naming, features and benefits, and when to begin pitching. And, Product needs information from Marketing to ensure they stay on schedule.

Before Tonkean, a series of spreadsheets, calendar entries, documents and external data and project management tools were all manually maintained to track these dependencies. Additionally, the various teams held numerous alignment meetings with each other to provide updates. This was all very time-consuming and labor-intensive, and quite often things were missed resulting in delays and mistakes.
To solve the problem of cross-team alignment and duplicative Tracks, ACME uses Track Linking to manage dependencies. In doing so, each team has the relevant information they need from across the organization so they can effectively and accurately plan their own activities.
For the Product Management team, they have linked Marketing and Sales-related Tracks to their List.

Those Tracks, once linked, will update automatically when Product Marketing makes changes. Product Management can now so plan against those dates, contributing as needed.

Marketing and Sales also link Tracks from across the other teams’ Lists.

Each team now has the detail they need from across the other functions, and can manage those dependencies without any concern about missing dates, or not having awareness of any issues or road blocks that may arise. More importantly, gone is the need for lengthy, tedious sync up meetings, or noisy, ineffective email threads, spreadsheets and documents. Their time can now focus on executing impactful product launches. This would not have been possible before ACME began using Tonkean and Tracking Linking.