Key Metrics: Manage a Sales Funnel

Tracks and Data Columns provide visibility and actionability to ongoing top-of-mind items. Key Metrics, on the other hand, provide a high-level view of the most important KPIs. They calculate column data across a List to reveal essential insights that can otherwise only be accomplished manually.

“Cyberdyne Systems” is a subscription service that offers a free trial and several paid tiers. For each Track (customer/prospect) in their “Customers” List, they use Data Columns to sync data from across their external tool set to gain visibility in to their customers’ journeys. Data from Salesforce, Google Analytics, Stripe and their own servers, as well as direct input from the team, is used by the team to provide context for each customer and prospect which, in turn, informs sales potential.

On a per customer/prospect level, the team has all the data and context they need in one place. At a higher level, though, the team needs to understand what the overall sales funnel looks like so they can assess their strategy and adjust as needed. Before Tonkean, Cyberdyne had to manually source data from their external sources, compile in to a spreadsheet and analyze on a regular basis. This was tedious, time-consuming and ineffective. Customer data is also constantly changing, so each analysis was practically obsolete the moment it was completed.
Cyberdyne added Key Metrics to their “Customers” List that automatically and dynamically conducts this analysis, providing the team with dynamic summaries for monitoring all accounts, customer activity, and revenue. These KPIs inform the overall trends and opportunities from among their entire roster of customers and prospects. The team now has instant access to a current, real-time and complete overview of their sales funnel. They can now focus their energy more on strategy and closing deals rather than analysis.

Moreover, Key Metrics are configured to activate the Tonkean A.I. Bot to notify and request updates from the team when certain thresholds are met. In this way, context is provided so leadership can pivot if needed or take immediate action to address blockages.

Because Tonkean can automatically and dynamically provide the insight they need, Cyberdyne can more intelligently assess and plan their sales activities without having to manually capture data from across the spectrum of their tool set. This frees up them to focus more energy on closing deals and capturing revenue. This was not possible before Tonkean.

Learn how to set up your own Key Metrics in the Knowledge Base.