Custom Triggers: Automate Notifications and Initiate Action

The Tonkean A.I. Bot automatically and proactively pings your team members for their input and status on Track items that you assign to them as Owners. It can be used preferably via Slack, but also via email. Smart-Triggers(tm) enable the A.I. Bot to determine when the right time is to follow-up with Track Owners based on due dates, ETA’s, data anomaly detection and more.

Custom Triggers can also be set up that activate the A.I. Bot to ping Owners for updates based on specific rules it is assigned. They can be set up using data from a single column, or based on data changes from across multiple columns, including those that sync with external sources.
Nicole is an account executive at “Weyland Corporation” with a large roster of client relationships she uses Tonkean to manage. From her “Customers” List she has one Track for each customer, which is dynamically sourced from Salesforce, and syncs relevant data from across Weyland’s external data sources and internal servers to reveal the full scope of each customer’s journey. Among Nicole's chief responsibilities is to ensure the company does everything it can to avoid losing customers. With data about each customer scattered across an array of systems, Tonkean is invaluable to Nicole in assessing whether there are any churn threats. More importantly, she has Custom Triggers set up that inform the A.I. Bot when to notify her about at-risk clients.

To determine churn risk, Nicole looks at a customer’s Active Weekly Users, Active Sessions, Time on Site (TOS), Last Seen date, and Customer Tickets data. These metrics are synced across the following systems:

  • Active Weekly Users (Google Analytics)
  • Active Sessions (internal servers)
  • Customer Tickets (Zendesk)
  • Time on Site (Google Analytics)
  • Last Seen (internal servers)

From Weyland’s historical data, Nicole knows the specific metrics that indicate a churn risk, so she set up a Custom Follow-Up Trigger that notifies her when customers meet any of those criteria.

With this in place, Nicole no longer needs to undertake tedious, manual analyses to determine where she should focus her attention and can, instead, instantly review the details and proactively engage her customers to address any concerns. This would not have been possible before Tonkean. Being able to take this immediate action is key in retaining her customers.

Learn how to create your own Follow-Up Triggers in the Knolwedge Base.