Automation Triggers

Automation Triggers train and activate the Tonkean A.I. Bot to follow-up with Track Owners for updates and to alert them to take action when data indicates a need.

Default Tonkean Smart-Triggers(tm) use machine-learning to constantly monitor Tracks and automatically follow-up with Owners based on changes to due dates and ETAs, data anomalies and other default criteria.

Custom Multi Column and Single Column Triggers can be configured to make sure the specific things you care about don’t fall through the cracks. Visit our Automation Trigger Templates gallery to access one-click pre-built Automation Triggers that address specific use cases.
To configure and activate Automation Triggers:
Click Automation Triggers on your List's menu bar and select the Trigger type.

For Multi Column Triggers:

  • Click Create Trigger or New. They both serve the same function.
  • Give the Automation Trigger a name.
  • Select the criteria which will trigger the follow-up.
    • Triggers can be set up to activate based on ALL conditions being met or AT LEAST ONE condition being met.
    • Conditions that are dependent on higher-level conditions triggering first are configurable.
  • Make sure Notify Owner is checked.
  • Click Create and you’re all set! The Tonkean A.I. Bot will ping Owners for updates on that trigger when relevant.


  • Select Actions that can be taken when the A.I. Bot is triggered; update field data and/or ask Owners to update specific fields in their responses.
  • Add a custom Description to be inserted in to the A.I. Bot message when it pings an Owner.

For Single Column Triggers:

  • Click Add Trigger to Column or New. They both serve the same function.
  • Select the Data Column for which you’d like to create a trigger.
  • In the Display Conditions & Follow-Ups window that appears next, select the criteria which will trigger the follow-up*.
  • Click Save and you’re all set! The Tonkean A.I. Bot will ping Owners for updates when relevant.
* You will notice this is the same window that appears when initially configuring Data Columns.

NOTE - Preview data is not available on Automation Triggers that trigger Manual Data Columns.

IMPORTANT - Make sure BOT ON is selected otherwise Owners will not get pinged for updates.