Digest: Kick Start Your Day

The Digest is a native feature of the Tonkean platform that captures relevant highlights for the day across Lists in which you are a member, and makes it available in a single place. Members can choose to have an Executive Summary of the Digest sent to them via email every morning.

Each Track in each List is treated as a unique item that can be followed-up on from within that window. Post and share follow-ups with your team, schedule time to take action, ping Track Owners for updates, and visit specific Tracks to see more details and Inner Tracks.

Email and Slack can both get noisy and messy, particularly if many projects or customers are being managed. The Digest makes the most critical and relevant action items and deliverables readily available and actionable. It is a great way to start your day!

Rick is a Sales and Account Executive who uses Tonkean to track the various aspects of his role; one List for tracking his sales pipeline, another for upcoming renewals, and one for managing 1:1 action items with his boss. He is also a member of Product and Marketing team Lists to maintain awareness of and contribute to their relevant projects. Rick is able to isolate each part of his job to keep organized and stay focused.

Over the course of a day, Rick receives and sends dozens of emails, communicates with his team via Slack, and interacts with the Tonkean A.I. Bot, also over Slack. The constant flurry of messages means he regularly sifts through a lot of noise to find what’s important so he can prioritize his time.
To ensure his days unfold most efficiently, and nothing critical falls through the cracks, Rick starts every morning with a review of his Digest. It gives Rick relevant highlights across all of his Lists: items that need his attention or that he needs to know about.

Rick first reviews his schedule for the day, which is synced with his Google Calendar. All items in his calendar for the day appear here.

He then flips through each highlight: Tracks requiring updates, new and completed Tracks and/or Tracks that have notable changes in the data. For each one, he can click OK to move on to the next highlight, ping an Owner for an update, or Follow-up.

For items Rick wants to follow-up on, he has three options:

Send to… allows Rick to share the highlight with team members or to post to a Slack channel for further discussion.

Schedule time to handle this lets Rick put time on his calendar to return to it later. He can even invite other team members if they are needed.

Once he gets through all of the items in his Digest, Rick can start his day knowing that he has addressed, or scheduled time to address all the active, important action items in his Lists. He is informed on all Track statuses, and has reached out to Owners for relevant updates. He can now proceed with his day with the confidence that everything is in order.