Shareable Lists

Increase visibility within your organization or to your customers by creating a link to a public, read-only version of your List. Anyone with the link can view Tracks, Inner Tracks, Key Metrics and your Tonkean calendar. They can not make edits to any data nor perform any functions aside from sorting column s.

To create a shareable link to a List:

1. Update Account Permissions

This will enable shareable link creation. Can only be performed by Account Administrators.

  • Click the settings menu (your name) in the upper right corner of your List and select Setting & preferences.
  • Select Permissions and click the Allow users to create a public, shareable link to a list box so the check box appears.

Your Account is now enabled to create the shareable link. Return to your List.

2. Create the Shareable Link

  • Click the "three dots" settings menu in your Tonkean List and select Share.
  • Click Copy and the new link is copied to your clipboard.

Share that link with anyone inside or outside your organization to view your List.

Links can be deleted anytime by Selecting Revoke Link. Creating a new link with generate a new URL.

IMPORTANT: Anyone with your link can view your List without authenticating at Tonkean. Be careful with whom you share it.