Track Defaults

Assign default Owners and Inner Tracks for every new high-level Track you create. This is great for initiatives or projects that have recurring conditions, stakeholders, schedules, deliverables and/or action items.
To create Track Defaults:
  1. Click the settings "gear" icon in your Tonkean List and select List Settings.
  2. Click Track Defaults.

From here, you can assign a Default Owner for all new high-level Tracks, and set up Default Inner Tracks for all new high-level Tracks with unique Owners and Due Dates. 

Due Dates are determined based on how many days from the Track's creation to assign it; i.e. if you set a deliverable for +7 days, and you create the Track on April 1, it will set April 7 as the actual due date for that item.

Selecting Apply settings on previously created Tracks will assign the Default Inner Tracks you have set up across every high-level Track currently in your List. It does not assign Default Owners back across existing high-level Tracks.

When you finished, click Save. You're all set!