Scheduled Reports

Reports are detailed summaries sent regularly via email of every Track and its Data Columns in your List.

To create a Report:

  1. Click the "three dots" settings menu in your Tonkean List and select Report Scheduling.
  2. Select Add scheduled report.
  3. Select report type, and assign criteria
  4. Click Create when finished.

For all reports, you can customize the recipients, frequency, the day of the week to deliver and Report Name. You also have the option of sending yourself a preview to make sure the information you need is  correct.

List, Status, Function, Tag and Due/ETA reports:

  1. Select the criteria you want reports from in the dropdown menu.
  2. Click Create.

List reports deliver details of all activity across the one specified List.

Status, Function, Tag and Due/ETA reports deliver details on Tracks that match the criteria selected across ALL LISTS; i.e. At risk in Status or Next 7 Days for Due/ETA.

To create custom reports:

  1. Select the conditions, data field and value you want reported from in the dropdown menu.
  2. Click Create.

There are many options to create custom reports. Send yourself previews to make sure what you set up delivers what you need.