Track Defaults: Power Campaign Development

Create Track Defaults for projects and initiatives that have recurring conditions and action items.

This article showcases how Tonkean’s Track Defaults settings automatically populate data in new Tracks that have the same Owners, deliverables and schedules. Track Defaults save time and ensure accuracy and consistency for repeat projects.

“McMann & Tate” is a small but growing advertising agency that tracks the development of their client campaigns with Tonkean. Each campaign is managed in its own Track in McMann’s “Campaigns” List, and includes Inner Tracks for each action item and deliverable required for launch. It is an exhaustive process spanning several departments and owners. And, it is almost always the same; same deliverables, same deadlines, same production schedules, same review cycles and more.

It is an incredibly time-consuming and tedious ordeal to remember and to manually enter every single deliverable and owner every time, and to figure out due dates. So, Darrin, the Account Executive, has set up Track Defaults to automatically do it for him.

McMann’s standard campaign development schedule is 30 days. Darrin reverse-engineers the overall schedule to be ready in time for launch. He assigns Owners for each Inner Track and a Due Date which is based on when the Track is created.

Now that Darrin has his campaign development schedule template in place, he can customize if needed when Tracks are created; change due dates and owners, add/remove Inner Tracks, add/update Follow-up Triggers and more. The Tonkean A.I. Bot automatically activates, informing Owners that the process has started and that they will pinged for updates as needed.

Darrin saved himself a lot of time and captured everything that is typical to a campaign launch without having to remember what those items are and entering them manually. Nothing falls through the cracks. It’s now just a matter of executing.

Learn how to set up your own Track Defaults in the Knowledge Base.