Webhook Integrations

Webhook Integrations allow Tonkean to connect and sync data with any third-party online software that uses APIs or webhooks.

Tonkean supports thousands of third-party tools and, in most cases, Webhook Integrations are available for tools not supported natively.

Follow this guide to quickly integrate external systems with Tonkean via webhooks. MailChimp is the system being integrated in this example, however, the same process applies to most other tools.

1. Create the Webhook

Click Integrations on your List's menu nav and Add Integrations in the modal window that opens. Alternately, add as part of creating a List or Data Column. In both cases, the option to search for systems is available.

*Tools that show (via Webhook) next to their name need to be configured using webhooks. All others can be integrated natively. Visit our Native Integrations guide for set up instructions for those.

Alternately, add the webhook as part of creating a Data Column.

If the system is not found, select New Custom Source and add manually.

2. Configure the Webhook

After finding and selecting the system to integrate, the webhook can be configured. Follow on guides are accessed on different pages indicated below.

Two methods:

1. Third-party integration platform (Zapier)

If the system is found through the search, then it can be configured simply using Zapier.

Visit our Zapier Integration guide for set up instructions.

2. Using a direct webhook connection

If the system is not found in search, you don't have an Zapier account, or don't wish to use Zapier, then configure directly. This method is more advanced, and requires the system being integrated to support webhooks. Just about any system in the market can essentially integrate this way, though.

Visit our Direct Webhook Integration guide for set up instructions.

That's it!

Once the webhook is configured, that tool is integrated with Tonkean. The data can be accessed for Syncing Tracks, and creating Data Columns and Key Metrics.