Native Integrations

Native Integrations are external business applications and data sources that integrate directly with Tonkean and are fully supported. Neither APIs nor webhooks are required to connect these tools.
Follow this guide to quickly integrate external systems with Tonkean natively.

Click Integrations on your List's menu nav and Add Integrations in the modal window that opens. Alternately, add as part of creating a List or Data Column. In both cases, the option to search for systems is available.

Find the external system you want to integrate.

*Tools that show (via Webhook) next to their name need to be configured using webhooks. Visit our Webhook Integrations guide for set up instructions. We are constantly adding new native integrations, so certain tools' configuration requirements may change over time.

Authenticate and grant Tonkean access. Every system has a slightly different authentication process.

Once authenticated, the system will be added to your integrations list. You can change users and remove the tool from here.

That's it!

Once the webhook is configured, that tool is integrated with Tonkean. The data can be accessed for sSyncing Tracks, and creating Data Columns and Key Metrics.