Data Columns

Data Columns are fields added to Lists that enable the inclusion of data to increase visibility to Tracks in the List. Live data can be accessed from external business applications, formulas using data from other columns or manual columns which allow members to input data that does not exist elsewhere.
To create Data Columns, click  Columns on your List's menu nav and select the data form you wish to create.

To create a LIVE DATA column from external sources:

  1. Select the external data source you wish to access.
  2. Authenticate the source if needed.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions. Each source is different.
  4. Give the column a name.
  5. Click Create Column.

To create a FORMULA column:

  1. In the Configuration window, enter the columns you wish the formula to calculate from the dropdown menu.
  2. Give the column a name.
  3. Assign optional notification rules, color emphasis and display formatting in the Display & Follow-Up Settings window.
  4. Click Create Column.

Only  Number and Date columns are available in Formula columns.
Expressive mathematical formulas can be written by clicking  Advanced in the Configuration window.

Learn more about  Formula column here

To create a MANUAL data column:

  1. In the Configuration window, give the column a name and selection the column type.
  2. Give the column a name.
  3. Assign optional notification rules and color emphasis in the Display & Follow-Up Settings window.
  4. For Dropdown columns, enter the options in the next screen.
  5. Client Create Column.

Text and Number columns are simply empty fields you can enter text and numbers in to. Date columns will open a calendar view when selected. Dropdown columns will open the list of options that you can select one from.

Once a column is created, it will populate across all of your Tracks and Inner Tracks in the selected Board.